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Online Saver Ticket – Save now up to 40%

Enjoy astonishing close views of humble starfish, gracious seahorses, fascinating rays and elegant sharks or watch our fun talks and feed shows – with all ticket types!

  • Ticket valid all day at SEA LIFE Oberhausen.
  • All online tickets are print@home tickets.

Online Price:
€11,95 (gate price €19.95) per person

Flexi Ticket

Do not want to pick an entry time?

  • Ideal if you do not know yet at which time you will be arriving at our attraction.
  • On the booked date valid all day for one entry. .

Flexible Entry Time: €19.95

This ticket does not offer fast track entry. To skip the queue buy our Fast Track ticket.

Fast Track Ticket (Aquarium)

Pressed for time? Beat the queues - only € 2 on top!

  • Visiting the Oberhausen or Rhur area on holiday or a day trip?
  • Little to no wait at the aquarium with this ticket – go straight through fast track line.
  • Recommended for weekends and particularly holidays.
  • All online tickets are print@home tickets.

Priority Entrance:
€21.95 per person!

Parent + Toddler Ticket

Booking Online is the only way to guarantee entry (tickets are limited)!

  • Tickets €14 for 1 Adult + 1 Child of ages 7 and under.
  • Valid before 2pm
  • Children 2 years and under visit FREE.